How to get Whatsapp Business API free for your Woocommerce store

Whatsapp Business API

Woocommerce Whatsapp integration into your WooCommerce store offers a powerful communication channel with your customers. While WhatsApp offers paid plans for larger businesses, you can access basic functionalities for free, perfect for small and medium-sized stores. “In this article, we’ll delve into the process of acquiring the WhatsApp Business API for your WooCommerce store free.

Here’s a breakdown of the steps to get started:

1. Create a Facebook Developer App:

Head over to the Facebook Developer platform and create a new app. Select “Business or Community” as the app category and proceed through the setup. This creates a unique identifier for your WhatsApp api integration within the Facebook ecosystem.

Access the complete step-by-step guide for configuring Facebook and WhatsApp integration by clicking here.

2. Install the WC Messaging Plugin:

Within your WooCommerce store’s admin panel, navigate to the Plugins section and search for “WC Messaging.” Install and activate this plugin, which acts as a bridge between your store and the WhatsApp Business API.

For a comprehensive understanding of the WC Messaging plugin’s functionalities, click here to access additional details.

3. Configure the Whatsapp Business API with the Plugin:

Once the plugin is activated, access its settings. Go to Woocommerce -> settings -> Wc Messaging

In general settings, you’ll need to provide your Facebook App credentials obtained in step 1. Additionally, enter your WhatsApp Business phone number and verify it using the provided code. This establishes the connection between your store and your WhatsApp account.

For a simple guide to configuring the WC Messaging plugin, check out our video tutorial.

4. Start Sending Automated Notifications:

Once the Woocommerce Whatsapp API is set up, utilize the plugin’s capabilities to send automated notifications to your customers. The WC Messaging plugin seamlessly integrates Cloud Business API with WooCommerce, enabling the dispatch of complimentary automated WhatsApp notifications for WooCommerce orders.

Additional Note: WC Messaging premium version offers more advanced features like, It facilitates two-way communication between customers and businesses, empowering customers to seek direct support via WhatsApp. Moreover, it offers customizable widget tabs and trigger buttons, allowing you to tailor your WhatsApp integration to suit your specific needs and preferences. Check it now

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