WC Messaging Pro – Integrate Whatsapp with WooCommerce

The WC Messaging Pro plugin integrates the WhatsApp Cloud Business API with WooCommerce. This WhatsApp WooCommerce plugin enables two-way communication between customers and businesses, allowing customers to seek support directly through WhatsApp. Additionally, it provides full-time support for any order-related queries or follow-ups, thus enhancing the overall customer experience. Moreover, this Woocommerce Whatsapp plugin sends automated free WooCommerce WhatsApp Order notifications for WooCommerce orders.It supports Woocommerce Blocked Checkout feature.

Current version: 1.2.6

Last updated: 18-Jun-2024

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WC Messaging Pro – Whatsapp business api woocommerce

The WC Messaging Pro integrates Whatsapp Business Cloud API into the Woocommerce store that will help to custom Whatsapp chat between the Woocommerce store owner and customer. This Woocommerce  WhatsApp Business API  provides better customer communication. WC Messaging Pro takes communication to the next level by supporting webhooks that are used to admin receive messages from customers sent through WhatsApp.

To use the WC messaging plugin, you need a mobile number that is not associated with WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business on your mobile device. This number will be used exclusively for the WhatsApp Cloud API. You will still receive calls and SMS on this number, but it cannot be used with the WhatsApp mobile app. Facebook’s WhatsApp Cloud API restricts a mobile number to be used either with the mobile app or the cloud API, but not both. read more about phone number requirement in whatsapp cloud api.

WC-Messaging Pro-chat box-whatsapp business api woocommerce
WC Messaging Pro-chat box

Whatsapp for woocommerce facilitates Automatically send Woocommerce WhatsApp notifications for WooCommerce orders using the official WhatsApp Cloud APIs.

WC Messaging Pro consistently integrates with WooCommerce booking plugins, ensuring a straightforward and comprehensive booking experience for users. With its compatibility, users can enjoy the convenience of custom trigger buttons within WooCommerce, enhancing the ease of use and the effective Woocommerce bookings process. Whether managing appointments or reservations, etc…WC Messaging Pro offers a user-friendly solution that simplifies and optimizes the entire woocommerce booking experience for customers.whatsapp woocommerce plugin enables administrators to promptly respond to customer inquiries with its quick reply feature, while also providing the capability to streamline message management by marking all messages as read for enhanced efficiency.

WC Messaging Pro offers Customized Widget Tab for messaging, packed with exciting features! With Click to Chat, effortlessly embed a link anywhere on your site, allowing customers to initiate direct conversations with your business. Alternatively, utilize our WhatsApp QR Code for instant connection – customers can scan and chat easily. Plus, activate the WhatsApp Chat Icon to display on your site, enabling direct communication with your admin. Customize labels, messages, and positions to suit your preferences. Simply use the shortcode [woom-chat-widget] to integrate the WhatsApp chat icon wherever needed on your site.

whatsapp for woocommerce -customized widget tab
WC Messaging Pro – Customized Widget Tab

With both free and premium versions of wc messaging –WhatsApp for woocommerce available, this woocommerce whatsapp api plugin provides a range of features to suit your specific needs.

 Free Version Features:

  • Send Woocommerce WhatsApp order notification: Automatically send WhatsApp notifications for WooCommerce orders using the official WhatsApp Cloud APIs using the official WhatsApp Cloud APIs.You can automate WooCommerce WhatsApp order notifications for various statuses, including pending payment, processing, on hold, completed, canceled, refunded, failed, and draft.
whatsapp business api woocommerce Download Free

WC Messaging Pro Version Features:

  • All Features of the free version – WhatsApp woocommerce integration premium version contains all features of  WC Messaging free version


  • Enable two-way messaging with customers- You can send and receive messages via WhatsApp, allowing for interactive conversations between businesses and customers. Using webhook admin receives messages from customers sent through whatsapp.


  • Customized Widget  :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            WC Messaging Pro provides multiple widgets for starting chats from users.
  • Click to Chat: Simply put, we provide you with a link. You can place this link anywhere you like, and customers can click on it to start chatting with your business directly.
  •  WhatsApp QR Code: We offer a QR code that, when scanned, connects customers directly to your business chat on WhatsApp. It’s as easy as scanning and chatting!
  • WhatsApp Chat Icon: Simply enable it, and an icon will appear on your site. When clicked, customers can chat directly with your admin. Customize the label, message, and position to your liking.
  • Shortcode : Use the shortcode [woom-chat-widget] to show the WhatsApp chat icon wherever you want on your site.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             NOTE: To use any chat widget options make sure to provide your WhatsApp number on wc messaging settings page
  • Compatibility with Woocommerce Booking Plugins: Seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce booking plugins for a comprehensive booking solution


  • Quick Reply: WC Messaging Pro introduces a quick reply feature, enabling administrators to promptly respond to customer inquiries.


  • Mark as Read: This Whatsapp Woocommerce plugin provides administrators with the capability to mark all messages as read, streamlining message management for enhanced efficiency.


  • Custom trigger buttons  –  custom trigger buttons on the WooCommerce order details page, enabling admins to send custom pre-defined message templates to customers with just a click.


WC Messaging Pro – Whatsapp for Woocommerce Benefits:

  • Whatsapp Cloud API Integration: Utilizes WhatsApp Cloud API for efficient and reliable communication.


  • Improved Customer Communication: By integrating woocommerce WhatsApp API with your WooCommerce store, you can enhance your customer communication. WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform, and many customers prefer using it for inquiries and support. The whatsapp woocommerce integration plugin allows you to send order notifications and engage in two-way conversations, making it easier for customers to reach out and receive real-time updates on their orders.


  • Real-Time woocommerce whatsapp order notification  Updates: The wc messaging – whatsapp for woocommerce plugin enables you to send real-time woocommerce order notifications to customers through WhatsApp. This can include notifications for new orders, order processing, payment completion, and order status updates. Providing timely updates can improve the overall customer experience and reduce uncertainty about order status.



  • Personalized Messaging: The premium version of the woocommerce whatsapp plugin allows businesses to send personalized template messages while adhering to WhatsApp’s business messaging rules. This enables businesses to create a more tailored and engaging customer experience.


  • Two-Way Messaging: With the premium version of the woocommerce whatsapp plugin, you can engage in two-way messaging with customers. This interactive communication channel allows customers to ask questions, seek support, and provide feedback. It fosters better engagement and can lead to increased customer satisfaction. Webhook can be used to admin can receive messages from customers sent through whatsapp


  • Efficient Customer Support: In two ways of communication customers get support in their needs.


  • Cost-Efficient Communication: WhatsApp messages can be more cost-effective than traditional SMS or phone calls, making it an efficient way to communicate with customers, especially if you have an international customer base.


  • Enable direct communication through WhatsApp- Engage customers with their preferred messaging platform, addressing their queries, offering support, and building stronger customer relationships. This woocommerce whatsapp plugin enhances overall customer communication for a more connected and responsive interaction.


  • Ease of use: The WC Messaging plugin is user-friendly, offering an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: The WC Messaging plugin boasts both scalability and flexibility, allowing businesses to adapt and grow effectively.


  • Whatsapp Integration with WooCommerce: The WC messaging plugin seamlessly integrates with your WooCommerce store, so you don’t have to switch between different systems to manage customer communication and order notifications.


  • High-level security – this woocommerce whatsapp plugin allows high-level security.

Supports Woocommerce Blocked Checkout 

WC Messaging Pro supports WooCommerce’s blocked checkout feature

whatsapp woocommerce supports wooocmmerce blocked checkout
WC Messaging Pro supports woocommerce blocked checkout


Woocommerce Whatsapp
WC Messaging Pro – General Settings
WC Messaging Pro -Template Settings
WC Messaging Pro -Template Settings
whatsapp api integration - Webhook Settings
WC Messaging Pro – Webhook Settings
whatsapp for woocommerce -customized widget tab
WC-Messaging Pro – customized widget tab
WC-Messaging Pro – Tool tab – Templates regeneration

WC Messaging Pro Documentation



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    5 stars! Plugin works perfectly, and the support is excellent—quick and friendly. Well done!

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    Outstanding plugin! Fantastic service and responsive support. Initially had doubts about the plugin, but it works like a charm. So impressed!

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1.2.6 - 15 JUN 2024

  • Improvement: Trigger button should feel like clicked
  • Improvement: Added WC Messaging widget on dashboard
  • Improvement: Added support tab on setting page
  • Improvement: Added support for HPOS
  • Fix: removed issues while activating without WooCommerce

1.2.5 - 29 MAY 2024

  • Improvement: Make links in chat messages clickable
  • Improvement: Enhance chat search accuracy using order ID or phone number
  • Fix: Verify that messages are being received by the correct phone number specified in the settings
  • Improvement: Compatible with WooCommerce 8.9

1.2.4 - 08 APR 2024

  • Fix: Memory exhausted for large site issue on recent chat api is fixed

1.2.3 - 06 APR 2024

  • Improvement: The chat page's active order becomes a link to the order detail page
  • Improvement: Shift/enter functionality for new line is added
  • Improvement: Order status label added on quick chat window
  • Improvement: Link messages are highlighted in a chat message
  • Improvement: Compatible with Wordpress 6.5

1.2.2 - 30 MAR 2024

  • Fix: Minor fixes

1.2.1 - 26 MAR 2024

  • Fix: The issues on the template message's setting page have been resolved.

1.2.0 - 19 MAR 2024

  • Improvement: Added Support for Blocked checkout
  • Improvement: Included a chat widget to facilitate conversation. (chat widget,links,QR codes, etc.)
  • Improvement: Settings pages have been improved. Featuring a drop-down menu for the template settings page
  • Improvement: Compatible with WooCommerce 8.7

1.1.3 - 23 FEB 2024

  • Improvement: Implemented customizable widget options
  • Improvement: Added a movable chat icon, allowing users to place it anywhere for easy access to the chat feature.
  • Improvement: Compatible with WooCommerce 8.6

1.1.2 - 06 FEB 2024

  • Improvement: Implemented a Quick Reply feature for administrators to respond promptly to customer inquiries
  • Improvement: Added the capability for administrators to mark all messages as read, streamlining message management for improved efficiency.
  • Improvement: Compatible with WooCommerce 8.5

1.1.1 - 17 JAN 2024

  • Improvement: Stable Wc Messaging Pro

1.1.0 - 22 AUG 2023

  • Fix: whatsapp api url unique phone number id field added in settings.

1.0.0 - 13 JUL 2023

  • Initial release of the WhatsApp Business API Integration for WooCommerce plugin.