We only provide our products related support via our support desk, knowledgebase & tutorials. We will not provide any support via e-mail or Twitter. We may request you to e-mail us your login details when needed, in which case we will communicate via e-mail to protect your confidential & secure details.

We offer Support to all Customers that have purchased our extensions at Sevengits, sevengits.com. We Do not offer Support to customers that have purchased our extensions anywhere other than Sevengits.

If a customer is found to have downloaded, obtained any of Sevengits products from another source, the source of the download, distribution of Sevengits files is in breach of our Copyright & Website Licence terms, all matters will be investigated under the International Copyright Laws.

Under the terms of Support, we must be granted administrative access to the Website, or access via FTP in which our product was installed. If a customer denies access to the Website in which our Product was installed we cannot offer any Support, therefore any claims to our Product “not working” will be deemed null and void.

Support includes installation guidance, bugs fixing, and general problem solving with features explained on the product’s official sales page. Support does not include:

  • Solving problems for plugins not packaged with our plugin(s);
  • Plugins integration;
  • WooCommerce configuration: Support does not include products configuration and WooCommerce settings configuration, including Shipping Methods, Tax Rates, Payment Gateways, Emails, their templates and everything else that is not closely related to the plugins.
  • General WordPress Support (Please use the WordPress forums);
  • Adding new features or extending the features currently available;
  • Changing colours and/or images;
  • Any type of modification or customization.

If the Client’s website has technical coding defects, damage or hosting problems not caused by Sevengits; Sevengits will not be able to offer Support or Fix the Client’s Website.

Support Hours

Our general support hours are Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00 (IST). During this time, we can generally provide feedback on any support queries within 8 – 24 hours, whilst we will also commit to answer any queries outside of these hours within 48 hours.

Bug Fixing

It is our commitment to fix all our products bugs as quickly as possible after they are brought to our attention. During our general support hours, we can fix bugs within 48 – 72 hours. We will also try to provide a solution via the forum for smaller bug fixes, after which we will update the core package.