Chikkili – Google Pay for WooCommerce

The Chikkili- Google pay india for woocommerce Plugin integrates Google Pay as payment gateway for WooCommerce. It enables WooCommerce shop owners to automatically accept payments via Google Pay and confirm the orders.

While activating this plugin, customers can choose Chikkili – Google pay india for woocommerce as payment gateway and proceed to pay with the app installed on their device.

It uses a seamless integration, allowing customers to pay on your website that doesn’t cost you any transaction fee..

Current version: 1.0.0

Last updated: 10-Aug-2021

money back within 15 days

Regular License

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Get One year of support and additional feature updates. License details

The Chikkili- Google pay india for woocommerce Plugin also known as the GPay UPI Plugin for india, seamlessly integrates Google Pay as a payment gateway for WooCommerce. This versatile gpay woocommerce plugin enables WooCommerce shop owners to effortlessly accept payments via Google Pay, streamlining order confirmation and simplifying the payment process.

Upon activation of this gpay india wordpress plugin, customers gain the convenience of selecting Google Pay as their preferred payment gateway, allowing them to proceed with payments via the app installed on their device. This user-friendly google pay india woocommerce solution ensures a seamless and cost-effective payment experience, without incurring any transaction fees for website owners.

The plugin offers a seamless integration, enabling customers to make payments directly on your website without incurring additional costs. Whether you’re running a WordPress google pay plugin or a woocommerce google play plugin in india, the GPay UPI Plugin is ideal for businesses operating in India and targeting Indian customers. It focuses on gpay integration for India, aligning perfectly with the preferred digital payment method in the region. This makes it a valuable addition for your e-commerce platform, as it allows you to add Google Pay to WooCommerce, providing an efficient and trusted payment solution

Main Features Of Chikkili- Google pay india for woocommerce

  1. Convenience: Customers can enjoy a convenient and user-friendly payment experience by using Google Pay, a familiar and widely accepted payment method.
  2. Enhanced Security: Google Pay transactions are known for their robust security features, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities and increasing trust.
  3. Automatic Payment Confirmation: The plugin automates the payment confirmation process, reducing the manual effort required for order processing.
  4. Cost-Effective: Many versions of this plugin don’t charge transaction fees for website owners, making it a cost-effective payment solution.
  5. Increased Sales: Offering Google Pay as a payment option can attract more customers and lead to increased sales, particularly in the Indian market.
  6. Streamlined Checkout: The plugin streamlines the checkout process, reducing cart abandonment rates and improving the overall shopping experience.
  7. Trusted Payment Method: Google Pay is a trusted and widely used payment method, providing peace of mind to customers.
  8. Indian Market Focus: Tailored for the Indian market, the plugin aligns perfectly with the preferences of Indian customers, making it a valuable addition for businesses in India.
  9. No Additional Costs: The plugin allows customers to make payments directly on your website without incurring any extra charges, saving both customers and website owners money.


Note: This plugin only works with chrome with Gpay installed and enabled on mobiles. All other cases customers won’t see the google pay option on the checkout page.  To check it please try our demo. 


*Note: We would like to improve this plugin, but we need your help. Feel free to tell us your expectations, suggestions and the features you like to see in this plugin. We will consider it, seriously!

Chikkili-Google pay India for woocommerce  Documentation

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