WC Messaging Pro 1.2.0 Now Supports WooCommerce Checkout Blocks

At SevenGits, we’re constantly striving to improve your WooCommerce experience. That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of WC Messaging Pro(Whatsapp WooCommerce) 1.2.0, a powerful update that unlocks even greater control over your checkout process!

Introducing WooCommerce Checkout Block Support at Whatsapp WooCommerce:

This update seamlessly integrates WC Messaging Pro(Whatsapp WooCommerce plugin) with the latest WooCommerce features, including checkout blocks! This means you can now strategically place targeted messages within your checkout flow, leading to the following:

woocommerce whatsapp Pplugin support wooocmmerce blocked checkout
  • Increased Sales: Nudge customers towards completing purchases by promoting related products, offering discounts, or highlighting limited-time deals at the perfect moment.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Provide valuable information directly within relevant checkout blocks. Imagine displaying estimated delivery times, and return policies, or highlighting available payment methods, for a smoother and more confident checkout.
  • Greater Flexibility: WC Messaging Pro empowers you to customize messages, target specific customer segments, and choose the perfect checkout block to display.

WC Messaging Pro: More Than Just Checkout Blocks

With the addition of support for WooCommerce Checkout Blocks, WC Messaging Pro now offers an array of exciting features.

WC Messaging Pro Features :

  • Two-Way Communication: Facilitate direct communication between customers and your business through WhatsApp.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Offer real-time support for order-related inquiries or follow-ups.
  • Interactive Chat: Send and receive messages with customers directly within the plugin’s interface.
  • Automated Order Notifications: Send WhatsApp notifications for WooCommerce orders using the official WhatsApp Cloud APIs.
  • Custom Trigger Buttons: The WC Messaging plugin offers custom trigger buttons on the WooCommerce order details page, enabling admins to send custom pre-defined message templates to customers with just a click.
  • Multiple Chat Initiation Options:
    • Click to Chat Link: Place a link anywhere on your website for customers to initiate a chat.
    • WhatsApp QR Code: Allow customers to scan a QR code for direct chat access.
    • WhatsApp Chat Icon: Display a clickable icon on your site for direct chat.
    • Shortcode Integration: Embed the chat icon using a shortcode for specific locations on your site.
  • Compatibility with Booking Plugins: Integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce booking plugins for a unified solution.
  • Improved Message Management:
    • Quick Reply: Respond to customer messages efficiently with pre-defined responses.
    • Mark as Read: Mark messages as read for better organization.

For further information:

If you prefer simpler features, you can opt for the free version of WC Messaging, which is also available.

Try the WC Messaging free version


WC Messaging Pro (Whatsapp WooCommerce plugin) offers a powerful solution for integrating WhatsApp with the WooCommerce store. With support for both classic and block-based checkouts, it provides a flexible way to enhance communication and streamline the customer experience. If you’re looking to increase the power of WhatsApp for your WooCommerce store, WC Messaging is a compelling option to consider.

If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to reach out to us.

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