How to fix WP Offload SES – Cron not running email

Users have been bothered by the frequent receipt of “WP Offload SES – Cron not running” emails,signaling an issue with the plugin’s internal timing. This problem has led to a situation where many outgoing emails are stuck in a queue, causing delays in their delivery.

The good news is that there’s a way to address this issue. By utilizing the “wposes_cron_check_interval” filter, users can adjust the time interval between cron checks by returning the desired waiting time in seconds. Additionally, a new feature has been introduced through the “wposes_send_cron_error_email” filter, which allows users to disable the notifications for failed cron checks entirely by returning ‘false’, providing a way to prevent these emails from cluttering their inboxes in the future. These filters offer users more control and flexibility in managing the plugin’s behavior and notifications, potentially easing the frustration caused by the “WP Offload SES – Cron not running” emails and email queue issues.

When raising this issue, the following code paste in themes/theme-name/function.php or you can use custom plugin.

add_filter('wposes_send_cron_error_email', '__return_false');


add_filter('wposes_send_cron_error_email', 'disable_cron_error_email');

function disable_cron_error_email($send_email) {
    // Return false to disable sending cron error emails
    return false;
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