5 Best WCFM Addon Plugins to Further Improve Your Store’s Built-In Functionality

wcfm addon plugins

WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace (WCFM) is a popular e-commerce solution for creating multi-vendor marketplaces with WordPress. There are several WCFM Addon plugins available to enhance and extend the functionality of WCFM. Here are five of the best WCFM addon plugins to improve your store’s built-in functionality:

Come let’s start with WCFM Addon Plugins


1. Order Approval For WCFM

wcfm addon plugins

Order Approval for WCFM plugin allows WCFM marketplace vendors to approve or reject the orders placed by customers before payment is processed.

The “Order Approval for WCFM” plugin, also known as the “WCFM Order Approval Plugin,” delivers numerous advantages within the “WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace” powered by the “WCFM Marketplace Plugin.” It enhances vendor-customer relationships, fosters vendor accountability, streamlines operations, reduces costs, and provides a competitive edge. With its transparent and customizable order approval process, this plugin ensures trust and control for both vendors and customers in the WCFM Marketplace Plugin.

Main Features

  • Vendor-Centric Control: Gives vendors the authority to examine and approve orders.
  • Processing payments in a transparent manner only after receiving vendor consent builds trust.
  • Integrates consistently and simply with the WCFM Marketplace Plugin.
  • Customizable Approval Criteria: Vendors may establish standards specific to their enterprise.
  • Effective order communication: Integrated vendor-customer communication channel.
  • Reduced Order Cancellations: Gives merchants the tools they need to limit cancellations and avoid overselling.
  • Vendors control the payment processing process to make sure that payments match approved orders.
  • Comprehensive Order Management: For effective tracking and processing, centralize order management.

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2. Woocommerce Frontend Manager – Delivery

Let your vendors manage their product delivery by their delivery team. With this addon, your vendors can now add an unlimited number of delivery persons, assign a delivery person to an order, and get instant delivery notifications; everything from their dashboard. Easily and Smoothly.

As you will install this addon to your site a new menu will be added to your WCFM Dashboard – Delivery Boys. You may add/manage your delivery persons from here. Of course, vendors will have their own set of delivery persons.

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3. Woocommerce Frontend Manager – Ultimate

Enhance your Front-end Manager to the next level. More options, more filters, more reports – in one word a lot more power in your hand and everything from live site front-end.

Main Features

  1. Support Tick Module – each vendor will have their own store-wise tickets
  2. Bulk Stock Manager – now manage your all products stock at a single click
  3. Shipping Tracking
  4. Message Board – even work as a vendor-admin chat board
  5. WCFM – WPML integration – create translated product live from site front-end
  6. Products for Listings – now create products and listings at the same time
  7. Vendor Verification – Verify your vendors
  8. Custom Badges – Create and assign any custom badges to your vendors

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4. Woocommerce Frontend Manager – Product Hub

Upgrade your Store Products to the next level and off-course from live site Front-end. Smartly and Elegantly.

WooCommerce Frontend Manager – Product HUB will be going to give you the most easiest and elegant way to create the most complex WooCommerce products and product components from the live site frontend.

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5. Woocommerce Frontend Manager – Groups & Staffs

Categorize your Store Vendors and assign Capabilities as per their segment requirements. Additionally, you will have the support of Shop Managers and Staff. Vendors will have their own Group of Staff. WooCommerce Frontend Manager – Groups & Staffs will give you the easiest and smartest way to control your store Vendors, Managers, and Staff. You will even categorize your store vendors and may assign them different sets of features. In one word, WCFM Groups & Staffs will turn your Multi-Vendor Marketplace into Multi-Vendor-Type Marketplace

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if you’re running a multi-vendor marketplace with WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace (WCFM) on your WordPress site, you can significantly enhance and extend your store’s built-in functionality with the right WCFM addon plugins. The five WCFM addon plugins mentioned in the previous response are among the best options to consider. Whether you need advanced shipping options, frontend management tools, staff and group management, booking capabilities, or streamlined product import/export features, these WCFM addon plugins can help you create a more powerful and efficient multi-vendor marketplace tailored to your specific needs. Choosing the right combination of addons can boost the functionality of your online store and provide a better experience for both vendors and customers.

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