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Order Approval for WCFM plugin allows wcfm market place vendors to approve or reject the orders placed by customers before payment is processed.

Current version: 1.0.1

Last updated: 18-Oct-2023

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Order Approval for WCFM plugin allows wcfm market place vendors to approve or reject the orders placed by customers before payment is processed.

The Order Approval for WCFM plugin allows vendors to review and either accept or reject customer orders before processing any payments. This feature is made possible by combining the WCFM plugin with the SG Order Approval for woocommerce plugin. With this plugin, you can easily manage orders from multiple vendors while ensuring that payments are not collected from customers until the orders are approved by the vendors.

How does Order Approval for WCFM Work?

With the WCFM Marketplace Plugin in the WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace, the “Order Approval for WCFM” plugin easily connects, giving merchants the ability to examine, accept, or reject orders from customers. An order placed by a consumer is not finalized until the vendor evaluates it in accordance with their standards. Transparency, reliability, and effective communication between suppliers and clients are guaranteed by the plugin. Order approval is required before payments are processed, which minimizes complaints and cancellations. The plugin’s centralized order management system simplifies the order processing workflow, making the shopping experience more effective and fulfilling for all parties.

Benefits of Order Approval for WCFM

The “Order Approval for WCFM” plugin, also known as the “WCFM Order Approval Plugin,” delivers numerous advantages within the “WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace” powered by the “WCFM Marketplace Plugin.” It enhances vendor-customer relationships, fosters vendor accountability, streamlines operations, reduces costs, and provides a competitive edge. With its transparent and customizable order approval process, this plugin ensures trust and control for both vendors and customers in the WCFM Marketplace Plugin.

Main features of Order Approval for WCFM Plugin

• Vendor-Centric Control: Gives vendors the authority to examine and approve orders.
• Processing payments in a transparent manner only after receiving vendor consent builds trust.
• Integrates seamlessly and simply with the WCFM Marketplace Plugin.
• Customizable Approval Criteria: Vendors may establish standards specific to their enterprise.
• Effective order communication: Integrated vendor-customer communication channel.
• Reduced Order Cancellations: Gives merchants the tools they need to limit cancellations and avoid overselling.
• Vendors control the payment processing process to make sure that payments match approved orders.
• Comprehensive Order Management: For effective tracking and processing, centralize order management.

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2 reviews for Order Approval for WCFM

  1. Ava Harry

    I highly recommend the Order Approval plugin for WCFM. It performs flawlessly, delivering precisely what it promises. If you’re looking for a reliable solution for order approval in your WCFM setup, this plugin is definitely worth considering.

  2. William

    Five stars for this plugin—simple to use, powerful in performance, and backed by excellent support.

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1.0.1 - 11 OCT 2023

  • Improvement : Compatible with WooCommerce 8.2
  • Improvement : Compatible with Wordpress 6.3

1.0.0 - 16 AUG 2023

  • Initial version.