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Order Approval for MultiVendorX plugin allows vendors to approve or reject the orders placed by customers before payment is processed.

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Order Approval for MultiVendorX plugin allows vendors to approve or reject the orders placed by customers before payment is processed.

This is a combination of MultiVendorX plugin and SG Order Approval plugin. This plugin helps you to manage orders from multiple vendors without collecting payment from the customer.


Order Approval for MultivendorX Plugin – Benefits

The Woocommerce Order Approval for MultiVendorX plugin empowers vendors by enabling them to approve or reject customer orders prior to payment processing. This essential tool streamlines order management in multi-vendor e-commerce platforms, providing vendors with greater control and oversight. It ensures that payment collection is postponed until after order approval, which is particularly valuable in scenarios where orders involve multiple vendors. This means that customers’ payments are not collected until their chosen vendors have given their approval, minimizing potential issues and enhancing trust in the order fulfillment process. In summary, the plugin simplifies multi-vendor order management, benefits both vendors and customers and provides a level of control and transparency that enhances the overall shopping experience

Order Opproval for MultivendorX – Main Features

Vendor Order Review: The plugin allows vendors to seamlessly access and review orders placed by customers, promoting efficient multi-vendor order management.

Vendor Order Approval/Rejection: Vendors gain control to approve or reject orders, showcasing the power of multi-vendor order processing in their hands.

Customer Notifications: Customers receive real-time notifications about the status of their orders, whether approved or rejected, offering them transparency and peace of mind.

Payment Processing Control: Payment collection is delayed until after order approval, strategically reducing the risk of refunds and chargebacks, an essential feature in multiple vendor order approval.

order approval for multivendorx

Order Approval for Woocommerce Documentation


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  1. Ankith Bash

    An outstanding plugin that delivers exactly what it promises with ease of use and reliability, earning a solid five-star rating.

  2. Hazel

    This plugin deserves all five stars for its functionality and reliability.

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1.1.0 - 18 APR 2024

  • Improvement: Compatible with Wordpress 6.5
  • Improvement: Compatible with Woocommerce 8.7

1.0.1 - 06 SEP 2023

  • Tested with wordpress v6.3 woocommerce v8.0 and multivendorx v4.0.25

1.0.0 - 27 APR 2023

  • Initial version.