Boost up your sales like never before with Order Approval Plugin

boost sales with order approval woocommerce plugin

Order approval pro is one of the best selling plugin on our WooCommerce plugin store. It helps merchants, shopkeepers to choose whether they want to accept or deny the order placed by their customers.

The choice of letting the order take place happens before the payment has been made. The best part is that the free of cost demo version of order approval premium version is also available at Sevengits plugin store

What is Order Approval Pro plugin? Who can it make the most of its existence in the market?

Order approval pro plugin is essential and readily available for use for all business owners. Any business owner can use them irrespective of the fact, whether you are a fresher in the field of business or not. 

There are a lot of plugins available to select from. Each WooCommerce plugin caters to different requirements of different types of merchants.

So, it does not matter what kind of business you have or what type of product or service you deal in, and there will always be a plugin to suffice your needs.And one exciting thing is that we have the option to customize any plugin as per our requirements.

Order approval pro WooCommerce plugin makes sure that controlling the activities regarding the purchases and orders is in the hand of the business owner or the admin of plugin and it also allows us to change pre and after order status and control it. 

Additionally, it is also customizable and can be edited according to the requirements. In case you are not finding the existing options and terms of operations feasible for your business, you can choose to design your own and customize it according to your needs. 

There are only advantages for the business owners in how the order approval WooCommerce plugin operates. 

How does the order approval plugin work?

  1. Any customer can go on a particular website and purchase the product that they want.
  1. Once your product has been selected and added to the cart, the business owner will see the products added. 
  1. The business owner also will choose whether the order should get to proceed ahead or not. 
  1. A shop owner or the admin chooses to reject or approve the choice. It also allows us to Approve Or Reject Orders Before Payment Is made in WooCommerce.
  1. If the WooCommerce plugin admin or the business owner can give the approval to customers can go ahead and purchase. They will also receive an order confirmation email.
  1. For order approval, a payment gateway link will be generated and sent to the customer to make the payment. This step will be considered the final step in making sure that the order has taken place.
  1. In case the admin does not approve of the order or the purchase, then the payment link is not sent. Instead, the customer gets a mail saying the order has been canceled or disproved. This step is considered the final step in case the order has to be balanced. 

How this Order approval Plugin is beneficial for your business?

  • The order’s cancellation or approval occurs before the order has been placed to reduce any hassle and avoid complex procedures. The woocommerce approval method of order approval plugin is user-friendly.
  • It is easier to take off when no kind of transaction has taken place yet. Hence, all these are completed before the final decision is made about the order being approved or canceled.
  • After the installation and activation, unlimited power is in the hand of the shop owner. If you are the business owner and the WooCommerce plugin’s admin, then you get to make the final call about the order going out.
  • Order approval before payment, and it also reviews the order carefully before approving it. If there is anything unlikely that may interfere with the future activities of the website or reputation of the business, and then it is not given the final thumbs up.
  • As mentioned before, all the orders are intricately checked before accepting or canceling them. The shop owner gets the chance to manually inspect it and review it before processing for approval and the payment.
  • The customer is also a part of the whole communication taking place in accepting or canceling the order. The customer is sent an email stating whether the order has been cancelled or accepted for the further procedure to maintain transparency in the whole process. In case of a rejected order, the mail states the rejection of the order.
  • When the order has been approved and accepted by the owner/admin, the customer receives a payment link for making further payments. This payment link is the final say in stating that the order has been accepted and processed further.
  • All the possible methods of payment are available in the system. So, when we say we have something or the other for everyone to work with, we mean it! You can use any payment gateway to make the purchase and pay for it.
  • The availability of all the major payment gateways makes it easier for many people to use the plugin without any potential complaints so far. Woocommerce track Order approval also allows us to change and manage order status after payment.
  • The entire process is honestly as simple as it can get. The customer places the order to the admin reviewing it for approval or cancellation.
  • The final step of payment is approved and sending mail for confirmation or mention if rejected. 

The plugin options are integrated with the WooCommerce settings page. So, everything is a cakewalk when you are using an order approval WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site. 

Cons that you won’t want to overlook:

  • First, the user needs to have a very intricate understanding of WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • If you want to use other advanced and unique features of order approval plugin, then you have to purchase the premium one.

What you get in the free version of the order approval plugin?

  • No payment will be processed until the owner, or the admin has approved the order and order approval. WooCommerce plugin lets you manually go through the order section to approve and allow it.
  • The woocommerce email customizer allows us to send emails automatically to all the people, the customer, the owner, and the admin. Although sending the email is automatic, the email’s content is customizable by the business owner.
  • The generation of the payment link does not require any manual procedure. It is done automatically from the admin’s end once the owner has issued the approval.
  • All the payment process and gateway are supported. The functioning of each of the wordpress payment gateway is equally efficient and convenient for the customer to use.
  • The process of configuring the settings from time to time is also easy. Any website needs configuration from time to time to keep it updated according to the public’s needs. Hence, the option of configuring it is available.
  • Although the emails are customizable, the number of emails that can be customized is limited to 4. The four letters that can be customized are order notification from the new admin, whatsapp order notification for new customers, order approval email for the customer, and mail for customers’ rejected orders.
  • Proper support and assistance through the support forum curated by the WooCommerce plugin.

What is unique about the premium order approval pro WooCommerce plugin?

All the features you anyway got to use in the free version are all available in the premium version and expect this here are many unique and amazing features for premium members only. 

Let’s take a look! 

  • The admin gets an updated feature. The order can be approved as a whole and can be reviewed product-wise.

( This feature is not available in the free version. )

  • In the WooCommerce plugin, if you want to review the product exclusively for a few products, that is also possible in the premium version of the plugin.

So, not only will you be able to review the order by sorting it out for every product, but you can also enable the feature of checking exclusively for a few products. Now, that’s a deal for grab!

All the powers are in your hands before the order is approved, payment link is generated and then sent to the customer.

  • The premium WooCommerce plugin gives the option to talk and assist each customer and owner personally.

All the problems that might come in the way of approving or rejecting an order and sorting them out can be solved one to one. It is one fantastic feature that is limited only to premium users.


1. How many websites can I register for using under one WooCommerce plugin subscription?

Ans: You can use one active & valid id for registration of one site. However, you can also take the subscriptions for as many websites as you want with additional discounts.

2. How long are the subscriptions for?

Ans: The subscription started when you purchased the date you used up your assigned limit of facilities.

3. Do Sevengits offer any affiliate program also? 

Ans: Yes, we do have an affiliate program that provides 20% commission per sale, payment on the 15th of the month through PayPal, Affiliate URL generation, new referral notifications, and there are no minimums in payment withdrawn.

4. Can I get the demo of the order approval pro WooCommerce plugin?

Ans. Yes, you can check out the free version of the order approval plugin and get the view and understanding of the premium version as well.


So, all the things left for you, grab that premium version of the order approval pro, the WooCommerce plugin, and many other amazing plugins from our website and witness your business setting benchmarks like never before.

Contact us for more info, as we will be more than happy to serve you the best. 

We have made the whole process so convenient that you will not regret not having a WooCommerce plugin. 

So, grab yours today and give your business or web development the push it needs!

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